Is the SG9665GC any better than your standard generic B40/A118 device?

The SG9665GC might "look" like the B40/A118 from the outside but it's totally different inside. Instead of the lower cost Aptina sensor the SG9665GC uses a high end premium Sony IMX322 CMOS sensor which results in superior night performance. The all glass medium wide lens is also much sharper edge to edge resulting in a crystal clear perfectly focused image. The all metal lens housing keeps the lens from warping in high heat as well. The budget model B40/A118 lens is too wide and uses a cheap plastic lens/housing which results in an often times out of focus (heat warped) soft image. The SG9665GC has a higher spec Novatek NT96655 CPU which is more capable and has a higher heat tolerance than the B40/A118 NT96650 lower spec CPU. Let's not forget about the audio either. The microphone and sensitivity is far superior on the SG9665GC compared to the muffled B40/A118, you'll be pleasantly surprised how well audio is picked up. B40/A118 has a light grey non-stealth color adhesive pad, while the SG9665GC adhesive is stealth black and blends right in from the outside. For GPS, the B40/A118 uses a GoTop with MTK (Taiwan) chipset, ours is Ublox 7020 (Switzerland). SG9665GC Ublox: it's very stable and has great performance. It acquires GPS signal very fast whether the vehicle is moving or still. Also the GPS signal acquisition is quick when the vehicle comes out of a tunnel. GPS accuracy is very good. The craftsmanship and appearance of Ublox is better. But the cost is higher. The A118/B40 MTK GPS: newcomer in GPS tracking business,. It has worse performance in GPS signal acquisition and stability. If the vehicle comes out of a tunnel, it may take some time to reacquire the GPS signal, but of course the cost is lower. The SG9665GC is a premium product that just happens to share the same shell. Brighter clearer screen, New PCB, New Upgraded Sony Sensor, New Upgraded Higher quality Lens, All Metal Lens Housing, updated extreme temp compatible super capacitor + enhanced power supply with a longer cord, 32GB microSD card pre-installed with 64GB support, microSD/SD USB/OTG Android compatible card reader, microFiber bag, spare thicker mount for vertical windows, 3M static sticker for temp rental car installs, and more) Street Guardian is all about quality with over the top customer service and support.

Here is a side by side Night Time video so you can see yourself. Click here to see it for yourself!

What exactly is different between the SGZC12SG & the SG9665GC?


Zoran Coach CPU 5 Seconds of Pre-Buffered motion detection. (so you capture the moments leading up to the g-sensor/motion event) SD cards up to 512GB Internal GPS Touch Screen. Can aim left/right/all around (more mounting options, easier to take along to a rental car etc) Super wide angle lens Supports direct 12v-24v in (with no power adapter most other USB powered dashcam products require)


Novatek NT96655 CPU Pause/Rsume motion detection system microSD cards up to 64GB External GPS Regular Screen Fixed front only but glass hugging extra compact design Medium wide angle lens 5v miniUSB (need power adapter)

Both have super caps for high heat resistance. Both have good night performance via the Sony IMX322 Sensor.

Will my dash cam turn on and off with my vehicle?

Yes. Our dash cameras will automatically be powered up with your vehicle starts, and powered down when your vehicle is turned off. However, a dash camera can be hard wired or programmed to remain powered on while your vehicle is off—this is called Parking Mode by Motion Detection.

We do not recommend programming or hard wiring a dash camera to your vehicle that is not equipped with a Low Voltage Cut Off function/device or without a compatible Battery Pack to prevent damage to your vehicle’s battery.

Does my dash camera start recording automatically when I start my vehicle?

Yes. Our dash cameras will automatically begin recording once the vehicle is powered without any attention from the user.

Will my dash camera automatically delete my old files to make room for new ones?

Yes, our dash cameras will automatically erase the oldest footage to make room available for the new footage. This is done by an auto-recycle called the’ First-in-First-Out’ or ‘Loup Cycle’.

The setup menu on your dash camera will offer some options to set the desired recycle length. These lengths are typically three, five, or ten minutes.

Will my dash camera record while I am not in my vehicle? For example— my vehicle gets broken into— will the footage be there?

All of our dash cameras have the ability to be programmed to record while the vehicle is off by the means of Continuous Recording or by Parking Mode via Motion Detection. Our lower end dash cameras must be programmed each time by the user to enter AND exit their own versions of parking mode. To prevent damage to the vehicle’s battery, we advise our customers to purchase a battery pack, or a voltage cut off kit.

For optimal parking mode function, we strongly recommended purchasing our Lukas dash cameras that are specifically designed for parking mode with a low voltage cut off system.

Free memory card with every Dash Camera

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† Exlcuding DOD Tech cameras.