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Quick & Innovative

Separated & Quick Release Design

Revolutionary design, Interchangeable Lens, Optic Nerve Cable and Main Controller are separated. The lens can be mounted onto FLAT or CURVE surfaces and parts of motorcycle with different positions and angles. Once stuck in place with simple installation, it's ready to endure the roughest conditions.


BULLETHD | BIKER PRO App Demonstration

Advanced WiFi & App

Built-in High Performance WiFi Module, Quick setup, Stream And Sharing

Featuring BIKER PRO APP enabling you to control the camera remotely using your smartphone or tablet, viewing your own records you've captured, setup your preference settings and quickly share contents on Facebook, Twitter and more.



Install & Forget

Engine Start Mode For Daily Use

BIKER PRO is dedicated for biker to record down every second while riding as evidence collecting. With simple installation for the first time, the BIKER PRO starts to capture video as soon as the engine is started. When you cut the engine, it stops recording and saves the recorded files automatically without pressing button.


Water resistant bike cam

Ready For Any Weather Condition

Streamlined, Featherweight & Water- Resistant Design

The lens only weighs 25 grams, and the streamlined design is tailored-made for high speed to provide extremely low resistance to air. BIKER PRO is offering water-resistant design which allows recording video even in heavy rainy day without a worry. Main Controller, Interchangeable lens & Power Converter are all water resistant (IP66 Standard)


Water resistant bike cam

GoPro Compatible

It's never been easier to switch from Gopro to BIKER PRO

With BIKER's mount adapter, just simply remove your GoPro camera and put BIKER PRO on the GoPro original mount, that's it!


High Deffiniton Biker Camera

High Performance Video

Excellent Contrast & High Performance Even At Night-Time

With 6 elements lens group, dual Anti-Reflection Coating and Anti-Scratch Coating which offering excellent contrast and FULL HD resolution. Plus, f/1.8 Aperture and low-light CMOS sensor featuring natural image rendering and exceptional sharpness even in low-light situation.


Wide Angle Biker Camera

Capture More

Ultra-Wide Angle & Most Immersive Video

BIKER PRO features an exclusive video mode that captures the world's most immersive ultra-wide angle perspective. It allows you to capture your surroundings in the shot....resulting in captivating, ultra, engaging footage of every adventure.


Motorcycle Cam Cable

Stay Connected

Optic Nerve Cable

BULLETED optic nerve cable is durable enough to prevent any influences when transferring signals. The cable has outer packet that is waterproof, oil abrasion-resistant and erosion resistant. With standard 200cm Optic Nerve Cable allows you to install the lens in any position and any angle on any motorcycle.



Carefully Crafted Just For Your Ride

Power Converter Created For The Motorcycle

We design an unique power converter which transform 12V to 5V for ENGINE START REC feature. With simple installation for the first time, the power converter provides stabilized power supply after engine started.


Motorbike Cam Decal

Customize & Make it Yours

Lens Decal, Mix & Match To Your Motorcycle

BIKER PRO allows you to choose decals by different patterns as decoration of your motorcycle with parctical functionalities.


Motorbike Camera loop

Effortless Looping

Loop Recording Prevents Running Out Of Memory Card

Set the recording loop duration from 3, 5 or 10 minutes. This will help ensure you catch the most thrilling moments of your day without running out of space on your card. No matter what interval you set, your loop recording setting to previously recording contents on the card is protected.


BULLETHD Biker Dash- Review.

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Footer Free Memory Cards (old- pre P28)

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