Commercial Grade

About Smart Witness

Commercial Grade


High-Speed Cellular Wirelessly Linked

All-in-One: Video + Telematics

- Proven reduction of accidence frequency
- Proven reduction to loss ratios
- Improves driving behaviours, increased fuel economy
- Defence against driving offence allegations
- Mitigations of whiplash/personal injury claims
- Added security & theft deterrent
- Increased speed of claim resolution
- Possible reduction in insurance premiums


SmartWitness Wireless Dash Camera


All Smartwitness products utilize high quality components from industry leaders such as Bosch, Sony, Toshiba, & U-blox. The result is the most accurate & reliable drive recording technology in the world.

HD Recording
Crystal clear images and high frame rates provide immense detail.

Triaxial Accelerometre 
Independetly controlled X,Y, & Z axis impact sensors are auto calibrated and speed sensitive, greatly reduces false triggers.

Built-In GPS
Live vehicle location and accurate vehicle speed &date/time from GPS sen-sors which pull satellite data every single second.

Audio Recording
Integrated mic captures crucial audio evidence.

3G Connectivity
Receive HD video and data within seconds of an event. Works on BELL network.

Alarm Input Triggers
Record & transmit video with optional vehicle in- puts (horn, door open, etc.).


KP1 3G Dash Camera

3G Connectivity

3G Enabled Telematics Cameras

Instant 3G Video Transmission of Events, Driver Alert/Review System, Live and Historical Tracking & Video Footage, Integrated Speed Sensitive 3 Axis G-Sensor, GPS Receiver,Alarm Output for Telematics Integration, Vehicle Signal and Engine Revving Inputs


4G Dash Camera Smart Witness

Remote View

Connecting the office and the road.

The 3G connectivity options allow data to be accessed or transmitted instantly via a diversified tracking system designed for easy integration for any size fleet.



Industrial Grade

Designed for Durability and Functionality.

The SmartWitness technology is researched and developed in-house at R&D centres in the UK, USA, South Korea and Japan. By using the highest quality components and latest technologies, the Smartwitness products can ensure class leading reliability and market leading performance. The SmartWitness products are tested, certified and approved to the highest standards, and are in use worldwide.


Tamper Resistant Dash Camera

Tamper Resistant

Tamper Proof Technology

While providing security for your company, the SmartWitness products also provide tamper proof security for themselves. The Smartwitness automated and tamper-resistant designs reduce driver interference to inhibit tampering with operation or recorded data.


360 Degree Dash Camera

360° Protection

Surround Protection

With the SmartWitness products connecting up to 6 cameras, made possible by a encompassed 360° viewing angle, it is now possible to monitor your vehicle and it's cargo from any location.

Free memory card with every Dash Camera

True one stop shopping - We offer a complete Dash Camera package with every order!

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