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Here at CDC Canada - Calgary Dash Camera our purpose is to provide our customers with the latest dash camera technology at the lowest prices! We have been delivering first class customer service & support since May, 2013!

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It goes with great pleasure to announce the re-opening of the

Official Lukas Store - Lukas Direct.

What does this mean?

  • Firstly and most importantly, it means that Lukas Customers all over the world can access greater support. The same level of support we have provided to Calgary Dash Camera customers. 
  • Warranty requests won't require overseas shipment, and lengthy processing times.
  • Secondly, localized shipment centres. Which means that orders will be processed quicker, and arrive much sooner, for cheeper.
  • The initial rollout includes a warehouse located in Nevada, with a second warehouse located in the Eastern United States coming fully online mid 2016. Following that a London UK warehouse coming online late 2016. 
  • And of course, the most direct access to every think Lukas! 
  • All Lukas Purchases through Calgary Dash Camera, will be shipped out of our Nevada Lukas Direct warehouse.

  • Free Shipping via USPS First Class!

    Visit The New Lukas Store at

Our Partners

Lukas Dash Cameras | Qrontech
Street Guardian
VooJuu X Camera
DOD Tech Dash Camera

Free memory card with every Dash Camera

True one stop shopping - We offer a complete Dash Camera package with every order!

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Authorized Dash Cam Distributor

CDC Canada - Calgary Dash Camera is a Canada's best verifiable authorized distributor of BULLETHD DOD Tech, Lukas, & Street Guardian.


Free Memory Cards

We believe in providing our customers with everything they need to get their car cam up and running at no extra cost! That means that every dash camera† comes with at least a 8GB memory card.

† Exlcuding DOD Tech cameras.